NetResults ProblemTracker
Editing Records

Editing A Record

To edit a record, you can either perform a query and click on the Edit icon located in the Action column of the report next to the desired problem record, or you can click on the Edit icon located in the Button bar and enter the record number you would like to edit.

The edit form allows you to directly modify any field of the record. This can be useful if you wish to update a description, or force a record to a particular process state (for instance, mark a record as "Released" before it has been tested). After making changes to the fields on the Edit page, click on the Update Fields (OK) button to save your changes.

After clicking on the Update Fields (OK) button, if your ProblemTracker workgroup is set up to send email notification messages when records are edited, you will see a message "Sending Email Notifications...Please wait". This message indicates that the changes have been made to the record and ProblemTracker is sending the email notification messages.

If you have made changes to the fields on the Edit page, but do not wish to save the changes, you can click on the Cancel button to abort your changes and immediately return to the previous page you were viewing. Or, if you have made changes, but wish to reset the fields to their previous values (the values the fields had before you made changes), you can click on the Reset button to restore the original values of the fields.

When you edit the record you can also enter a comment that will be entered into the history for the record. This can be useful in the future to help determine why the record was edited. Up to 2000 characters can be entered into the history comment field.

The field help icon will be displayed if you have checked the box for the Enable Field Help personal preference and your ProblemTracker Administrator has entered information to described this field. Move your cursor over this icon to see a description of the field.

When large text fields (BigText) are present, an Annotate button will be displayed to the left of the field. Clicking on the Annotate button will add a date and time stamp with your user name to the field. This makes it easy to distinguish which information within the field has been added by you or another user.

To view the full contents of the large text fields, use the scroll bar on the right of the field. Alternatively, the number of lines displayed for these large text fields can be customized by setting the value of Multi-line Field Settings on your Personal Preferences page.

Your ProblemTracker may have been configured to have dependent pulldown fields. Dependent pulldowns are pulldown fields where the option menu values displayed in one pulldown are determined by the value selected in the pulldown it is dependent on. If you change the value selected in a parent pulldown field, it may change the value selected in the child pulldown menu based on the relationship set up between the two fields.

Record Attachments

The edit page also allows you to add, edit, or remove an attachment for the record. The Record Attachments section contains more details.

Source Code Control

If you have been assigned permission to edit the source code list, you will be able to add, edit or remove source code files for the record. The Source Code Control section has more details about this feature.

Alerts - Enterprise Edition Only

If you have been assigned permission to edit the alert settings for a record, you will be able to set up an alert for the problem record. Refer to the Alerts section of this Help Guide for more information on setting an Alert for a record.

Modifying Record Visibility

If Record Visibility has been enabled, and you are a member of a user group that is allowed to modify the visibility of a record to user groups, the field Make Visible to These User Groups will appear. This field is a selection list at the bottom of the page which allows you to select to which user groups this record should be visible. To select more than one user group, hold down the shift or control key while clicking. If you wish to make a record visible only to the Admins user group, click on the blank space at the bottom of the list.