Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

NetResults Tracker Version 6.0.1 Release Notes

New Features

A summary of features and fixes in Version 6.0.1 is available on the NetResults Tracker Feature List page on our web site. The summary includes links to the relevant sections of the Help manuals with information on how to enable and use each new feature. To maintain backward compatibility most new features are not enabled immediately after upgrade. Your Tracker administrator can then enable the new features at their convenience.

New License Keys

Version 6.0 requires new license keys. Your Version 5.x or prior license keys will not work with Version 6.0 software. Please do not upgrade your installation to Version 6.0 until you have your Version 6.0 license keys. If you were using Version 6.0.0 with license keys, you already have the correct keys.  Upgrading from Versions 3.x, 4.x or 5.x without the appropriate license keys could result in the inability to login to your workgroups (because you have more users than licenses entered), unexpected changes to your users (floating users will be converted to static users if a floating license key is not entered), and/or the inability to use certain features. You can request your license keys when you download the Version 6.0 software. License key requests are reviewed by Sales and licenses will be issued within one business day if your Software Updates and Support (SUS) subscription was current as of April 1, 2007. If your SUS subscription expired prior to that date, you will need to renew your SUS subscription ("maintenance") in order to use Version 6.0. You can check your SUS subscription status and/or renew your SUS subscription online by using the Subscription Renewal Information page on our web site.

New Requirements

Version 6.0 has new hardware and software requirements. Some old platforms (for instance Windows NT 4.0) are no longer supported. Some new platforms (for instance SQL Server 2005 SP1) are now supported. Before installing, please review the Version 6.0 Requirements. The fact that the software successfully installs does not mean that your server meets our requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, some features of the product will not operate properly and/or you may have very poor performance. Your support agreement is not valid on any server which does not meet the requirements. If you install version 6.0 software on a server which does not meet the version 6.0 requirements, no assistance will be provided by NetResults. If you do not have a web server which meets the requirements and wish to use Version 6.0, you may wish to consider moving to the hosted version of NetResults Tracker. We can move your existing data to our data center. All you will need to use the system (including administrative operations) is a web browser.

Known Limitations

The following are known defects in version 6.0.1.  These issues will be fixed in a future maintenance release:

  • A system error occurs when adding a record on the Submit Page when Record Visibility is enabled.  The record will still be added, but email notifications for the newly added record will not be sent.  If possible, disable Record Visibility to work around this issue.  To disable Record Visibility, login as Admin, click on the Admin icon, click on General Preferences, set "Enable Record Visibility" to "No" and click OK.
  • A system error can occur when adding or tasking a record when Alerts are not displayed during the Add or Task operation and are based on a date field.  The system error does not occur in all installations when Alerts are not displayed during the Add or Task operation and are based on a date field.  This Knowledge Base article describes workarounds that can be used.
  • When the Submit via Email feature is based on the value of a pulldown and the feature is enabled for the default value of the pulldown, a system error will occur when an email is sent to the address for the default value.  To avoid this issue, disable Submit via Email for the default value: Login as Admin, click on the Admin icon, click on the Manage Projects button, select the appropriate project.  In the Forms section, click on the Manage link to the right of Incoming Email Settings for the appropriate form.  "<Default>" will be selected in the pulldown at the top.  Select "No" for "Enable Submit via Email" and click OK.  This will prevent the system error from occurring.
  • When using a NOT clause on a Release Number field in an advanced query, some records that are a valid match are excluded from the query results.  The following Knowledge Base article provides more detailed information and a workaround for this issue.

Getting the Software

If you placed an order for a new Version 6 installation, a link to download the software was included with your Version 6 license keys. If you are an existing customer with a current Software Updates and Support (SUS) subscription, you can get access to the software on the Support Downloads page.

Installing the Software

Information on how to install the software is available in the Version 6.0.1 Installation Instructions.

Getting Support

A new Knowledge Base is available for Version 6 (it also includes information from previous releases as well). You can browse to the Knowledge Base to find answers to many questions as well as the most up to date information for troubleshooting and resolving issues. If you have a current SUS subscription, you can also contact NetResults Technical Support for assistance.

Release Announcements

If you would like to be notified automatically by email when the next NetResults Tracker release is available, sign up for the NetResults Tracker Release Announcements Mailing List.



NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.