Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

NetResults Tracker for Knowledge Base Management

NetResults Tracker is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based collaboration tool. See how NetResults Tracker can help your company.

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Knowledge Base via NetResults Tracker

NetResults Tracker can save you time and money by making it easy to organize and share information like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), solutions to IT problems, answers to HR questions, etc.

Tracker supports a process to compose, review, and publish Knowledge Base articles that are searchable by end users.  Knowledge Base is:

  • Completely searchable
  • Easy to create, update, and revise
  • Great for sharing knowledge between teams, between departments, with customers, with partners
  • Great for retaining knowledge when employees leave or change positions

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Service or Software

NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (software-as-a-service) or packaged software (for you to install on your server).



NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.