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Upgrade from Version 6.0.0 to Version 6.0.1

Upgrade Steps

Please use the information below to upgrade from Version 6.0.0 to Version 6.0.1. These instructions can be used for a licensed copy of the software or for an evaluation copy. 

  1. Prior to installing the software, please make sure that you meet the Version 6.0.1 Requirements. The requirements have changed in 6.0.1.
  2. Review the Upgrade Preparation section to find out how the upgrade will affect your Version 6.0.0 data.
  3. Review the Known Limitations (recently discovered issues) in the latest release. You may find an issue in there which is significant enough that you will want to wait until a fix is available in a patch or maintenance release (often available within a few days or weeks).
  4. Upgrade your installation. This procedure assumes that you are installing NetResults Tracker Version 6.0.1 on the same machine where you have NetResults Tracker 6.0.0 installed. If you are installing NetResults Tracker Version 6.0.1 on a different machine than where you have NetResults Tracker 6.0.0 installed, please use the following Version 6.x Move and Upgrade KB article for instructions.

Upgrade Preparation

This section provides information about changes from version 6.0.0 to 6.0.1 that you should be aware of before upgrading. 


If you switched your Multi Part Email field to "Text Only" to workaround the issue with using the variable in Version 6.0.0, you can change this back with these steps: login as Admin and click on the Admin icon, click on the Email Configuration button, select the option "Set Email Server Configuration" and click Continue, set the Multi Part Email option back to "Text and HTML" and click OK. 


If you added more values to the 1st digit of a Release Number because of an issue in Version 6.0.0, you can remove these extra values with these steps: login as Admin and click on the Admin icon, click on the Manage Fields button, click on the Items button to the left of the Release Number, click on the Delete button to the left of one of the extra values. If any records have been added with that value selected, you will be prompted to select a replacement or mark the value as obsolete.


If you disabled the Task Records in State(s) privilege because of the issue with using this in combination with Task Assigned Records in Version 6.0.0, you can re-enable this privilege with these steps: login in as Admin, click on the Admin icon, click on the User Administration button, click on the Manage Groups button, click Edit to the left of a user group, check the box for the Task Records in State(s) privilege, select the appropriate state(s) and click OK.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Login to the web server machine as a local Administrator.
  2. Prior to installing NetResults Tracker Version 6.0.1, block all of your workgroups via the Workgroup Management System (WMS) while you perform the upgrade. To end any active sessions and block a workgroup:
    1. Login to WMS and click on the Admin icon
    2. Select the option Block / Unblock Workgroups, then click on the Continue button
    3. Check the box in the upper left corner of the workgroups list to select all workgroups, then click on the Block button. If the select all checkbox is not available in your version, select a workgroup, then click on the Block button.  Repeat this to block each workgroup.
  3. BACKUP ALL OF YOUR NetResults Tracker DATABASES AND ATTACHMENT FILES BEFORE PROCEEDING. Instructions for backing up your installation can be found here. It is REQUIRED that you either copy the database file(s) and attachment files to a safe place (Access only) or perform a backup (Access, SQL Server or Oracle). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS NETRESULTS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF ANY DATA AS THE RESULT OF THE UPGRADE PROCESS.
  4. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software. This is recommended so that your anti-virus software does not prevent the installation program or the Workgroup Management System (WMS) from performing operations such as copying files, running scripts, configuring your web server, setting file permissions and registry entries. Your anti-virus software can be reactivated safely after you have completed the installation steps and any necessary WMS configuration.
  5. Run the installation setup program (double-click from Windows Explorer): nrtse601.exe (NetResults Tracker Standard Edition 6.0.1) or nrtee601.exe (NetResults Tracker Enterprise Edition 6.0.1).
    The installation program will stop and restart the IIS web server as part of the installation.
  6. When the installation setup program has finished, you will be asked to reboot your system. You must reboot your system before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Login to the Workgroup Management System (WMS) by going to Start > Programs > NetResults Tracker > Workgroup Management System. Click on the Admin icon on the Button bar.
  8. Select the option "Upgrade workgroups from versions 4.x / 5.x / 6.x to NetResults Tracker 6.0.1", then click on the Continue button. A list of workgroups that need to be upgraded to 6.0.1 will be displayed. By default the boxes for all workgroups will be selected, click on the "Upgrade Selected Workgroups" button to proceed, then click OK to confirm. Once the workgroups are updated, click OK when it is finished to return to the Administration Menu.
  9. Re-activate your anti-virus software.
  10. Login to one of your workgroups as Admin and click on the Admin icon. Click on the Maintenance button. Click on the Check State References button to check for invalid state references that may have been introduced while using Version 6.0.0. The results of the check will be displayed. Use the information in this KB article to correct the invalid references listed in the results.
  11. Repeat step 10 for each of your workgroups.

Your system has now been upgraded to Version 6.0.1 for all workgroups.

Support Resources

To request support or if you have feedback or questions about this release, please browse to the Technical Support page. A set of Help Manuals are available with your installation and online. And, the Knowledge Base has been updated with Version 6 "How To" and Troubleshooting articles.



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